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Whether creating in nylon, leather, vinyl, microfiber, TPR or silicone, we understand materials and how they interact with the devices they carry. This combined with extensive experience in plastic injection molding, thermoform molding and vacuum form molding, gives us the know-how to solve any carrying challenge. And since we manufacture products for both OEM and aftermarket needs, we know that everything we do is a direct reflection on our customers’ business. For us that means strict, unwavering attention to detail, unparalleled quality control – including ISO 9001 certification – and most importantly a genuine pride in superior craftsmanship. From our modest beginnings to our current multinational structure, Forward Industries has been at the forefront of custom cases for over 50 years.



One of the most dramatic changes to society – and in turn the business world – is the advent of mobile telephone technology. And since its inception Forward Industries has been a leader in case design and manufacture. Working with some of the largest mobile manufacturers to create OEM and aftermarket cases for entire product lines, we have extensive experience in all aspects of the mobile phone case business and can help guide customers through the complicated issues surrounding design, materials, protection, performance and compliance. Additionally, we offer customized solutions to meet any particular market need – from exclusive designs to private label portfolios – and provide seamless support to help achieve the right product image, launch date, quality and cost targets.



In an industry where every second counts, detail means everything. And for decades our unwavering quality control and strict attention to detail has served some of the largest medical device companies in the world. Sheathing everything from diabetes testing kits to oxygen tanks to lifesaving Automatic External Defibrillators, Forward Industries cases are at the forefront of medical technology. This is where product design and compliance standards & testing have to work seamlessly together. The case has to work right the first time and every time because often, there are no second chances.



Over the years, the Consumer Division has evolved to include everything from bar code scanners, meters, fishing gear, toys, office products and of course our top quality cases for headphones, cameras, radios, laptops and more. We partner with each client to produce cases that bring together materials, functionality, design, and branding. Lightweight, durable, attractive, and always the highest quality, Forward consumer cases make a lasting impression. We also understand that the case is only part of the solution – consumer product packaging is equally important. Forward is adept at developing all forms of packaging, for both retail and shipping, to ensure a quality, impactful shelf presentation. We understand the requirements of retailers and distributors on all continents and strictly adhere to all government standards and mandates.